Last year, one of Living Interiors’ most popular pieces celebrated its 60th birthday: the Egg chair, a design classic as striking today as when it was unveiled in 1958.

Danish Modern with a dash of whimsy, the lovable Egg looks as smooth as its namesake. Like the best of Danish culture – from Lego to Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales – it’s just the tiniest bit quirky.

With its evergreen appeal, it’s also the perfect statement for any room in your house: living room; office; guest space or bedroom for your hip teenager.

The stylish seat is also a fascinating talking point. The story of who designed the Egg will draw your guests in as much as the irresistible cocoon-like chair itself.

The evolution of the Egg: crafting a contemporary classic

Not many chair types are still imitated 60 years after their invention, except those designed by visionary Danish architect Arne Jacobsen.

Born in 1902, Jacobsen initially aspired to be a painter and worked as a brickmaker at one point. His intuitive, creative flair, as well as innate practical ability, led to success as one of the world's best-known architects.

Jacobsen is equally renowned as a furniture designer, whose work still exerts an extraordinary influence. (Just think of how many imitation Egg chairs, Series 7 chairs and Dot stools you’ve seen!)

His Jewish heritage saw Jacobsen forced to flee Denmark during World War II. On returning, he created a series of minimalist masterpieces in both exterior and interior architecture.

These included the “world’s first design hotel”, which he was commissioned to design in 1956: the SAS Royal Hotel Copenhagen, now Radisson Blu Royal Copenhagen.

How Jacobsen developed the amazing Egg Chair

A notorious perfectionist, Jacobsen insisted on designing both the hotel and all its interiors. This included every detail from the Egg chair and its cousin, the Swan, as well as to all door knobs, cutlery and candlesticks.

According to Fritz Hansen’s head of design, Christian Andresen, Jacobsen saw his hotel design project as including two goals.

Jacobsen wanted to contrast the building’s stark external lines with interior furnishings featuring sculpted, feminine shapes. He was also on a mission to synthesise his unique expertise in the separate fields of architecture and design.

Crafting chairs for hotel guests, Jacobsen experimented with innovative techniques in integrating structure and style. He installed a unique foam lining beneath seat upholstery, and a tilt mechanism that meant the chair could swivel and recline.

Fusing form, function and fashion, the end result was the Egg chair: a seamless blend of sleek contouring and smooth practicality.

In Perfect Shape

The enduring appeal of the Egg chair is a tribute to its famous designer. Whether you're planning your next project or relaxing with red wine and your Kindle, the Egg's tempting curves lure you in and invite you to curl up in style.

It’s adaptable for any living space or aesthetic, with leather and fabric options, and sofas and footstools also available.  Order this beauty in classic dark leather for a minimalist vibe, or consider a playful colour for a contemporary feel.

Then put your feet up, head back and enjoy one of Arne Jacobsen’s finest achievements.

Ahead of the curve: the intriguing story behind the iconic egg chair

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